House Rules

All visitors, local and foreign, are requested to register either at the designated registration venue of the barangay or their place of accommodation.

Barangay/Environmental fee
A nominal fee of P30 for Filipino residents and foreign nationals will be charged for the upkeep of the terraces path and mountain trails, among other infrastructures.  This include daytrippers.

Meals are available on a pre-order/advanced order basis. It is advisable to pre-book your meals after you have made reservations on accommodations/lodging so we can check the availability of ingredients as well as plan the menu.

No to noise
Maligcong is a quiet and peaceful community.  We can help keep it that way by refraining from making loud noises, especially after 6pm. 

Lights out
Strictly at 9pm

Drinking is allowed within the premises until 9pm.  Making loud noises is a no-no. Barangay tanods would be on roving duty after 9pm to enforce the noise curfew.

Bringing in of recreational drugs is prohibited.

Overnight camping on Angtomfaw/Kupapey and Parutan/Fato is not allowed on grounds of visitor safety.

We encourage visitors/guests to avail of guide services for the sake of safety.  Our local guides are knowledgeable about the terrain and local rules, they will be able to assist visitors/guests should they require help.

Respect for the culture
Maligcong is steeped in tradition and culture.  The visitor is enjoined to respect them. 

Respect for elders
The people of Maligcong has deep respect for their elders.  When riding the jeepney for example, the elderly along with the women, are given the priority to board first and sit inside.