Birding in Maligcong

Turquoise Flycatcher © Oggie Ramos •
Philippine Hanging Parrot • © 2017 Alice Villa-Real
There have been sightings of different kinds of birds in Maligcong.  Some are as accessible as and fairly easy-to-spot when sitting and waiting at the veranda of Suzette's Maligcong Homestay.  The birds include the Mountain Verditer Flycatcher, Philippine Hanging Parrot, among others. 

Chestnut-faced Babbler • © 2017 Alice Villa-Real
Ma'am Alice Villa-Real, founder of the Philippine Bird Festival, long-time member and former four-term vice president of the Wild Birds Club of the Philippines visited Maligcong early this year and spotted these beauties in the trees surrounding the homestay.  
Mountain White-eye • © 2017 Alice Villa-Real

She shares some facts on the Chestnut-faced Babbler: This bird, Zosteromis whitehead, is endemic to the island in the Philippines.  They are generally found in the mountain forests generally above 1000m (although occasionally down to 100m).  They frequent broadleaf forests, moist mossy forests, pine forests, open forests, scrub, and human-modified habitats.

So if you're visiting Maligcong, why not bring along your binoculars, camera and long lenses, along with your sense of wonder.

Images credits:
• Philippine Hanging Parrot,  Chestnut-faced Babbler, Mountain White-eye, Olive-backed Sunbird © 2017 Alice Villa-Real

• Mountain Verditer Flycatcher © 2015 Oggie Ramos | | used with permission from author
Garden Sunbird • © 2017 Alice Villa-Real